Princess Catalina

Elena Zabala

Elena Zabala

   Once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess, her name was Catalina.
Catalina was not happy being a royal princess, her life was planned from the moment she opened her eyes until night time. 
She was always wondering what was outside the castle walls. Catalina was not allowed to leave the castle without her sweet and dedicated companion Lucia. 
Catalina loved music. Her biggest dream was to be an opera singer. 
For years, she had been learning every aria from all of the operas that her parents had taken her to, and now she dreamed of being on stage and experiencing the applause all to herself. 

1: Question; do you think Catalina should talk to her parents about her aspirations to be a singer?
Catalina was very capable of taking care of herself.  
One day she asked Lucia to help her escape the castle walls. Lucia was speechless and getting in trouble with their majesties was never her plan, but she was just as curious as Catalina. 

Question to child : Do you think leaving your home without informing an adult is a good idea?
Together they worked on an escape plan. The castle had a few hidden passages, and Catalina and Lucia were ready to go out of the palace walls and run free for a few hours. For their escape they gathered some delicious bread and fruits from the kitchen without being seen.  
Lucia found a lamp that would help them in the dark hidden passages of the castle. It was a beautiful spring day. The flowers were blooming, and it was a perfect day for a walk by the green meadowlands.
Catalina was so happy that for the first time she was going to leave the palace walls. She was not afraid and knew that her friend Lucia was going to keep her safe.
In the nearby town, they learned about an Opera competition about to happen. So Catalina and Lucia ran through the meadow to reach the town before the competition was over. 
Catalina had never visited the town so she knew there was no chance of being recognized, but she knew her clothes would give her away. So, she traded her dress with a town girl so that she would fit in. 
They both waited patiently for Catalina's turn. Catalina's heart was beating fast, and her hands were cold and sweaty. This was her first time out of the castle and doing what she has always dreamed. 

Finally, Catalina was called. She walked on stage with her head held up high and motioned to the pianist. "Maestro, A flat please."
The moment the first note came out of her mouth, the judges were shocked. This petite child had the voice of a Nightingale. 
Nightingales have enchanted listeners for centuries with its sweet melody, and now this child's voice was like an angel.
Without a doubt Catalina won the competition. Both the audience and the judges gave her a standing ovation. So the prize was hers. Filled with emotions, Catalina and Lucia hugged for a long time and jumped with joy. 

Soon, they realized the king and queen were unaware of this situation. 
How are we going to tell my parents? Catalina asked.
They are going to be furious and without a doubt we are going to be punished. 
Catalina and Lucia headed back to the castle and even tried to come up with elaborate stories that they could possibly lie and tell but none of them made any sense. So they walked quickly and quietly, ready for their punishment. 

Question to child :Do you think that telling the truth is a good idea?

As they approached the castle their legs were shivering in fear. They were planning on entering the same way they escaped but The King and Queen were waiting at the door. 

Question to child: How do you think this story will end?

They entered with their heads bowed and waiting to be reprimanded as they walked very slowly.
"Mother, Father, this was all my fault! Lucia only followed my wishes, please punish me and not her," Catalina begged. 

Question to child: What do you think about taking responsibility for your actions?

The King smiled and said, "My dear child, we are your parents, you should never be afraid of telling us what your heart desires. We also knew the moment you left the palace and had you both followed. Your voice is a gift that we always knew you had, that's the reason we took you to the opera. We are so proud of you! You won the competition because of your beautiful voice and not because you are the princess. We will always support your wishes."

The Queen then said, "My dear Lucia, you have honored your friendship and for that I will pronounce you Princess Lucia. And Lucia was adopted by the royal family.

Catalina and Lucia were very lucky that their story had a happy ending. It's never a good idea to put yourself in danger and keep secrets from your parents.

Question to child; Would you keep secrets from your parents and if so, why?

Your parents will always try to understand your wishes if you speak clearly and from your heart. 

Carolina and Lucia were allowed to travel for performing, however they were always accompanied by the Royal Secret Service. 
Never THE END 

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